3rd Gen First Place

3rd Generation Family Farms is a pioneer cannabis company located in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. For many generations, sungrown cannabis using organic methods, paired with unrivaled passion for the cannabis plant, gave birth to some of the finest cup winning strains celebrated around the world.

With over 96 cups and counting, 3rd Gen Family Farms has cemented their legacy of breeding excellence in cannabis history. We always aim to be the number one, bringing the most stable genetics and unique terpenes to fellow cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

“Slurp on my Terp!”

Dying Breed Seeds Logo

Dying Breed Seeds is the natural extension of many decades of exceptional breeding work. Only the finest seeds from our prized genetics make it into our 10 pack regular seed drops.

Moonshine Melts is the essence of the absolute best strains in our portfolio. Sungrown, using organic methods, meticulously processed, washed and pressed to perfection to have you “Slurp on my Terp!”.

Terpy Van Winkle Logo

The best of our products and those of close friends delivered right to your door. Terpy Van Winkle is our fast and friendly delivery service, making ordering the finest products easy and convenient for you.

The realest cannabis competition in the game! the Ego Clash is the forge where legends are made and show up to compete against the absolute best in the World. Twice a year this competition takes place in California and in Barcelona, Spain.

3rd Gen Family owned Pet store & Self serve dog wash! Specializing in holistic pet food, treats, toys, and assesories! Located next to Rays in Furber Ranch plaza!